mercredi 12 février 2020

FSS "Old" shop simulator add-on and RFSB Rfscenerybuilding products

Bad news for all simmers flights passion !

2 years ago, without notice the FSS (Flight Sim Shop) was closed in bankruptcy !

Many Simmers buy products on this shop are archives of lost products ... Very bad, all licenses granted with the products are deactivated !
If you bought an add-on at this Flight Store and tried to reinstall it, the registration code will never work again ! NEVER !

Many developers have provided solutions for customers or in exchange for proof of purchase of the time, we returned a copy of the product ...
But one of them, the Russian company "Rfscenerybuilding"   ( a company already not very clean regarding the rights of satellite images supplied with these products ... the Russian are never complexed )  ... takes advantage of these situation and does not want to hear anything and reject the evidence of purchases from former customers ...
Worse, they go so far as to accuse the clients of " constructing"  the proof themselves to try to obtain a free  copy ... we are coming down !!!!

We just did the test with them, and that's right ... Here are their responses to sending a copy of an invoice from the time under FSS  and this demonstrates their aggressiveness towards customers in this answer

This invoice - It's just text....which can be typed by hand on a PC
Оrder number? - I can't check it - there is no database of our customers. "

We call you at 

BOYCOTE products 
from this company for all cheated customers !

This also reminds us that as a precaution, compared to an add-on store that closes or disappears ... that your backups can not be activated online not in any way !
Remember to make a full backup from time to time of your FSX or P3D complete folder!
And a backup of your registry keys in Windows REGEDIT !

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