lundi 17 février 2020

PATCH About EBCI V2 on P3D V4

Link to the previous patch on Mega upload for solve :

 * 1 bug with 1 polygon on apron front Terminal T1  ( 1 black line plane over ground ) ... and remove some light effects not very useful on T2  ( file :  EBCI-library.BGL )

* Precision correction on AFCAD for traffic A.I. ( file EBCI_AFCAD_MBP3D_up2018.bgl )

* Optional ... Remove dynamic trafic car on the road next to airport for win some Fps ( file 1_EBCI2018.BGL )

Unzip and copy this files to the folder :
Prepar3D v4/SimMarket/Voie Bleu Charleroi v2 P3Dv4/data/CharleroiP3D/Scenery

( Make a backup of the previous 3 files before if you want come back to the original files )!jdZglADI!3q-dW3doVit2cUQ-oRWQzP9yEBrlNcMzeQJv6HfWeBQ

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