lundi 19 juin 2017

EBCI under P3D V4 64 bit Compatible

Hi all ...

P3D V4 are release in 64 bit, you have now a terrible simulator very performent available !

Charleroi Airport  EBCI are O.K. for use under P3D V4 without modification but not the installer from SimMarket !

If you have previously install under P3D V3, just move the EBCI folder to your P3D V4  Simmarket folder


In P3D V3, in the Simmarket Folder
( Exemple ... C://ProgramFiles(x86) /  Lockheed Martin / Prepar3D V3 / SimMarket /  )

Select the folder  : Voie Bleu Charleroi P3D P3DV3  ( With bin, data and Doc folder ) 
And move it in the same folder ( SimMarket )  about your P3D V4 !


In your P3D V4 library ...
Add 2 lines for declare the EBCI files

Add in first line  the folder   "CharleroiP3D"    ( Main terminal and airport )
Add in the second line, just under, "CharleroiP3D_LC"  ( Outside environment from EBCI )

* If you have some problem with the effects light, just move the effects files find  in the folder
  /Voie Bleu Charleroi P3D P3DV3/Data/Effects    to the "Effects" Folder from your P3DV4  ( 7 files + 1 texture )
* If you have some CRASH Problem, because you use option crash détection on "ON"
See this post for find files patch  

For the next ... because the Brussels attack last year, the restriction for go to airport take pictures are again very difficult in Belgium ... EBOS and futur update EBCI for add T2 are again in Stand-By ! Sorry !