vendredi 12 février 2016

EBCI Charleroi P3D V3 - To be Close

News versus FSX version  and only for P3D ( This P3D update not play under FSX )
* Reflection rain and shadow on Apron and Taxiway

* Add parking 84, 85 55B 57B 67B
* Taxiway G & H missed
* parking 88 to 94 with good number
* CAT logo on water tower
* New green dots on tawiway
* complete apron and taxi rebuild for P3D
* Library objet rebuild and perform for P3D
* DX 11 compatible
* ORBX Global compatible
* MY TRAFFIC AI compatible
* Clean a lot of file 
* Performance adapt for P3D
All other aspect are similare to FSX but build for P3D V3 !

Last screen 

This shot are make with the autogene slider put to maximum ... but not a good idea if you not have a big computer ...

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