jeudi 18 février 2016

Charleroi P3D fluidity probleme with triple screens ?

Some people play P3D in triple screens with Matrox or ATI  have some fluidity problem in im/sec, under 15 im/sec ...   Not very solution, P3d are more heavy versus FSX in "pano" screen !

In the first :

*Moderate the autogen ( building, trees ) on normal or sparce, the Charleroi area are a lot of building
*Moderate traffic A.I. max 30 %  and car on the road,  max 30 %
*Verify your résolution  "Texture_Max_Load"  in your config   Prepar3D.cfg,
OK, 4096  ( 4K ) are beautiful on a lot off scenery ... but 1024 or 2048 are best for performance and not very impacted the pleasure ...  4096 are very heavy and the charge processor are 16 X versus 1024 ...Only for NASA computer at this time !

In the second time :

*If the result are again bad ... ... déactivated some not important files in the folder Scenery
[Prepar3Dv3/SimMarket/Voie Bleu Charleroi P3Dv3/ data/ CharleroiP3D/scenery]

Rename in *.off or *.Old ... for déactivated !

Files EBCI_grass_SU.bgl Graas 3D in Est part Impact Heavy
EBCI_grass_WE.bgl Grass 3D in West part Impact Heavy
EBCI_objet_LC1.bgl Some objets on Landclass Impact Light
EBCI_zoning_est.bgl Some objets on zoning Est Impact Light
EBCI_VEH1.bgl Car 3D on terminal parking Impact Moderate
EBCI_VEH2.bgl Car 3D in some aréa Impact Light
EBCI_VEH3.bgl Car 3D on the old terminal Impact Light
EBCI_VEH4.bgl Car 3D parking P3 Impact Heavy


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