dimanche 28 février 2016

EBOS Ostende Progress ...

Ostende EBOS progress slowly .... Release estimate, this end of year for FSX and P3D in same time !
Again a lot of work on texture building and autogen Ostende area !
Some recent capture :

With NE BeNeLux Environment

jeudi 18 février 2016

Charleroi P3D fluidity probleme with triple screens ?

Some people play P3D in triple screens with Matrox or ATI  have some fluidity problem in im/sec, under 15 im/sec ...   Not very solution, P3d are more heavy versus FSX in "pano" screen !

In the first :

*Moderate the autogen ( building, trees ) on normal or sparce, the Charleroi area are a lot of building
*Moderate traffic A.I. max 30 %  and car on the road,  max 30 %
*Verify your résolution  "Texture_Max_Load"  in your config   Prepar3D.cfg,
OK, 4096  ( 4K ) are beautiful on a lot off scenery ... but 1024 or 2048 are best for performance and not very impacted the pleasure ...  4096 are very heavy and the charge processor are 16 X versus 1024 ...Only for NASA computer at this time !

In the second time :

*If the result are again bad ... ... déactivated some not important files in the folder Scenery
[Prepar3Dv3/SimMarket/Voie Bleu Charleroi P3Dv3/ data/ CharleroiP3D/scenery]

Rename in *.off or *.Old ... for déactivated !

Files EBCI_grass_SU.bgl Graas 3D in Est part Impact Heavy
EBCI_grass_WE.bgl Grass 3D in West part Impact Heavy
EBCI_objet_LC1.bgl Some objets on Landclass Impact Light
EBCI_zoning_est.bgl Some objets on zoning Est Impact Light
EBCI_VEH1.bgl Car 3D on terminal parking Impact Moderate
EBCI_VEH2.bgl Car 3D in some aréa Impact Light
EBCI_VEH3.bgl Car 3D on the old terminal Impact Light
EBCI_VEH4.bgl Car 3D parking P3 Impact Heavy


mardi 16 février 2016

Charleroi Airport EBCI for P3D RELEASE !

L'aéroport de Charleroi Brussels Sud  dans sa version adaptée à P3D version 2 et 3 est Disponoble sur Simmarket 
Vous trouverez le cas échéant, votre version P3D sur votre compte Simmarket cumulé à votre achat FSX !
Attention qu'il y a 2 installateurs distinct, l'un pour FSX et l'autre pour P3D V2 et V3 ...
Les versions ne sont pas compatible entre elle
La version FSX est un produit qui fonctionne uniquement avec FSX et P3D V1 !
La version P3D ne fonctionne qu'avec la version P3D V2 et V3 !

EBCI Charleroi Bruxelles-South  Airport are Available on your account on Simmarket !

PRODUCT ONLY for P3D V2 and V3

Not change for the FSX users !
All users buy FSX version,  find this P3D V2 and V3 adaptation in their account on Simmarket for free ...



PIC by Vander Elst J.  EBCI with My Traffic 2013  

vendredi 12 février 2016

EBCI Charleroi P3D V3 - To be Close

News versus FSX version  and only for P3D ( This P3D update not play under FSX )
* Reflection rain and shadow on Apron and Taxiway

* Add parking 84, 85 55B 57B 67B
* Taxiway G & H missed
* parking 88 to 94 with good number
* CAT logo on water tower
* New green dots on tawiway
* complete apron and taxi rebuild for P3D
* Library objet rebuild and perform for P3D
* DX 11 compatible
* ORBX Global compatible
* MY TRAFFIC AI compatible
* Clean a lot of file 
* Performance adapt for P3D
All other aspect are similare to FSX but build for P3D V3 !

Last screen 

This shot are make with the autogene slider put to maximum ... but not a good idea if you not have a big computer ...