mardi 24 mars 2015

EBCI Charleroi X Patch 1.31

This is a patch 1.31 for the scenery EBCI  for  FSX

Note : If you are download the update 1.31 after  24 march 2015 , this patch are also included in the update.

Download Patch here 

Just 2 files ...

That's solve the white textures problem under the light pole
see by day and fog or low visibility weather !
Also work under DX10
All light pole on the apron and edge taxiway are reprogram !

Copy to your texture folder EBCI add-on 1 file  and replace 1 file in your scenery folder EBCI add-on.
( If you more like the old style ... not change by this patch ) ...

Before this patch ...

You have a white trace under the pole, the night are soft orange ...

After this patch ...

Not white trace under the pole, but the night light orange are more brightness

Some pics under DX10

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