dimanche 15 juin 2014

EBCI update 1.31 available .

This is my optional  update 1.31  for the actual  EBCI Airport from Simmarket . 

On simmarket, there are no change on the actual EBCI   ... that's the 1.1 for all ... not download again on simmarket.
( Note : 1.1 or 1.2 are the same,  that's just an error typo, it's just a misunderstanding in some name  )

What's news in this update  1.31 patch :
* International ramp apron 2013 expansion
* New trace on the taxyway
* Improvement light blue on edges by night
* Improvement light extend on the ramp
* Best light line green more brighter
* Best yellow and red mark on the ground and ramp
* Correction the distence ( LOD )  of later display for many object
* Correction about white form under the light pole and edge  by fog day and DX10 compatible.

INSTALL Manual procédure ...

Download this update with the only files change on Dropbox :  UPDATE EBCI 1.31 patch

Add or replace some originals files in the main folder about your  main EBCI airport delivery by Simmarket

In your :
FSX folder /Addon Scenery/EBCI Charleroi X /Charleroi X / Scenery  
(add/replace  14 files )
FSX folder /Addon Scenery/EBCI Charleroi X /Charleroi X / Texture  
(add/replace   12 files )

In your :
FSX folder / Effect    
(add 1 file)

If you want come back to the original ... just ré install your product buy on the Simmarket.
No change in the folder about the land class ...(CharleroiX_LC/).

I recommend using with this EBCI airport for best performance ... Waffleflight  or MegaScenery Earth Belgium 
Your autogène on sparse !
Also ... for best in the night,  N.E. BeNeLux   with level  2 or 3

Some other improvement are came later in end the years 2015 with the update final, little correction, 3D Grass,  more 3D cars on the parking...and P3D v2 !

Nouvelle traces de passage des roues sur les taxyway  ( avec version hiver pour janvier )
Certaines traces de type  " donuts " on été retirée.

Halo au sol des réverbérés plus grand
Ajout d'un LOD a plusieurs objets pour qu'il disparaissent plus rapidement par rapport à la distance, léger gain de performance en approche...

The EBCI  complete airport are available on the Simmarket  ( without this patch 1.3)

L'apron comprend les agrandissements réaliser en 2013, soit 7 nouvelles places de parking !

L'aspect des halos sol sur l'apron de nuit est agrandis, les edges bleu de bord de taxi sont mieux visible

Toutes les lignes sol ont été refaite

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