jeudi 21 mars 2013

FSX: EBCI (progress 10) NIGHT preview

PART : One

Turn on the light now ...

This is the Night preview rendering on terminal 1 area.

I'm very happy by the result ...
some windows are not again receive night texture, because that's necessary go again take some pictures by night at the airport for have a good sample !

Note : the taxiway and apron are only make for moment on North area ... I work on the South ( General Airport zone )  later ...


mardi 19 mars 2013

FSX : EBCI Progress 9.5 "Seasons"

Update about season rendering on the futur EBCI for FSX ... end 2013 ... <;)

jeudi 14 mars 2013

FSX: EBCI (progress 9)

This week progress report on EBCI for FSX  ...
I finished work on ramp and taxi North.
I start job on the ground, mask, night  and season rendering ... In preview, Hard winter and summer
The night rendering and other season  ...Follow with the next  report progress 10, in next week ...

Reportage sur le travail de cette semaine de EBCI pour FSX
Le travail sur l'apron et les taxis de la partie Nord sont terminé. ( Apron et taxis Sud, toujours en version brute ADE )
Les textures de sol corrigées dans leurs découpages et adaptées pour les saisons. Actuellement, l'hiver dur et l'été sont terminé.

mardi 12 mars 2013

FSX: EBCI 2014 ...

That's a bad and difficult day today at EBCI ... the winter came again in the North ...

The rain reflection on taxi are make by ADE by default, there is not present on the final release on my texture, sorry. 

jeudi 7 mars 2013

FSX: EBCI (progress 8)

Just some pictures about this week works on apron North and Taxiways North ...

2 colors rendering for apron depend from season ... warm filter for sping, summer and fall, cold filter for winter