mardi 19 février 2019

Video About EBCI V2 on P3D V4

Video test About Charleroi Airport  EBCI V2 on P3D V4 for performance !

This video captured by a fan, with Orbx Global + LC,  737 PMDG, Traffic Global, rain weather !
Computer i7  Nvidia GTX 1080  data on SSD !
This shows that the scenery is playable with a machine up to these ambitions !

Little Patch on Mega upload for solve :

 * 1 bug with 1 polygon from over ground T1 and remove some light effects not very useful on T2 and win 1 or 2 precious Fps ( file EBCI-library.BGL )
* Precision correction on AFCAD for traffic A.I. ( file EBCI_AFCAD_MBP3D_up2018.bgl )
* Remove dynamic trafic car on the road next to airport for win some Fps, 3 to 5 fps better without trafic car ( file 1_EBCI2018.BGL )
Unzip and copy this files in the Prepar3D v4/SimMarket/Voie Bleu Charleroi v2 P3Dv4/data/CharleroiP3D/Scenery.
( Make a backup of the previous 3 files before if you want come back to the original files )!jdZglADI!3q-dW3doVit2cUQ-oRWQzP9yEBrlNcMzeQJv6HfWeBQ

dimanche 17 février 2019

EBCI V2 performance Bad ... ?

The concept and speak about of "scenery" that runs well is very abstract and subject to the performance of a machine and graphics card ! But above all that, what's the user ask  setting options and "add-on" third present that runs simultaneously !

Someone tell us that  "very bad performance" ... I am sad because on my old 8 years computer, (i5, 6MB Ram, ATI HD7750 1Mb ram video) who does not have the minimum required to run P3Dv4 ... I have a  pleasing result and playable !

Ok, Charleroi area are never have a very good Frame rate, ( same by default, around 40 fps) !
For a playable scenery, over 20 Fps,  it's important moderate your choose in this area versus some other world area !
Some graphical options caused the drastic fall of the Fps

Options Application

Moderate, Traffic Road Vehicles set  0 %  ( I see in this area this parameter are a big influence on Fps ! )
                  Traffic Airline density at max  40 %

Graphics World Autogen vegetation and building set normal
                Lighting dynamic reflections set Off
                Shadow draw distance set Low
                Shadow quality set Medium
                Moderate shadow choose set to your plane and clouds

Some big and complexe  A320 or 737 are killer Fps !

Resolution over up 1440  ask more performance !

Also, in his scenery   in the Options Display Graphics Display ... on the frame Rate Controls box
Your target frame rate on Unlimited !
Make also some test about these parameter : Check VSync on "On"  and tried with Triple Buffering checked !

With this change, I up my FPS to 36 !!!
I think with a good computer, you have a similar result and possibility add, more add'on !
If you think 36 fps are too bad, please, not buy this scenery !

vendredi 15 février 2019

EBCI V2 P3Dv4 On release SimMarket

The Recent adaptation about Charleroi Airport EBCI for simulator P3D v4
Release now : SIMMARKET
This is a V2 version with a lot of improvement versus the old 2013 version !

All buy the FSX or P3Dv3 in the past receive this V2 with discount !

About the performance :

That's very better versus FSX ... Just remember, moderate your cursor quantity of A.I Traffic, dynamic reflection, and autogene !
If you put all cursor from P3Dv4 to the max, not hope have 40 imp/s 
On the old usaged 8 years computer ( i5 6Mb Ram and video card ATI HD7750 with 1Mb ) , with default P3Dv4, without external add-on ( style A.I., Global, Sky activ, REX, PMDG ... etc )  I have +- 20 to 25 imp/sec !

* Also, if you want add Traffic A.I. (with Ryanair, Wizz ... ) I recommande Traffic Global  from Just Flight ... but moderate at max 40 % your cursor ... ( The pic you are see on this cover make with this program ).

* This scenery are also used with very good performance on the professional simulator at Brussels Zaventem !
If you want discover this scenery on board of a real cockpit and real good flight experiance,
registry here your boarding pass !

jeudi 7 février 2019

EBCI V2 for P3D V4 are in finishing stage

EBCI V2 are on the final for release in 2 weeks !
Please remember,  the actual version V1 on Simmarket are only for FSX and P3D V3  32 bit ...
This P3D v4 are not again release at this time ... but very shortly !

All customer buy the EBCI V1 for  FSX P3D V3  receive 50% off on this EBCI V2 for  P3D v4 !

What’s News in this EBCI V2 versus 2013 version for FSX
- 3 news Parking positions lost in the 2013 V1 ( 70, 71, 72 )
- Terminal T1 and passengers halls rebuild in 3D with GMAX
- Terminal T2 with passengers halls in 3D
- All libraries rebuilt with SDK from P3D V4
- Ground rebuilt with SDK from P3D V4
- Afcad rebuilt with SDK from P3D V4
- Addition of a dynamic lighting on Aprons, specific P3D V4 night light effect
- Correction night textures on T1
- Removal of some elements ( like Caterpillar bankrupt in Belgium )
- Addition of a tool which allows you choose the season whenever you want
- Peform some ellements
- Decrease in the quantity of several objects for performance issues, (herbs, 3D cars ...)
- Remove of F33 criticized
- Remove about a lot of Crachbox on a lot of element
- Change runway number conform to 2019 and magnetic change 6 - 24

samedi 2 février 2019

EBCI V2 for P3D V4

The EBCI V2  for P3D V4.4 are in Beta test

It's planned for a distribution on Simmarket in some weeks !

The futur 2022 runway with 3200 m are not include at this time !

It's not an easy update but several hundred hours of work ! It's not give for free ...
Previous SimMarket users  of the FSX / P3D V3  receive 50% Off  !

Preview in Hard Winter saison